This review site is dedicated to decks which feature the fabulous feline companion often known as the cat. The cat was a fixture of awe and fascination since ancient times and continues to fascinate and inspire us even in today's world of modern technology.


I decided it would be best not to include several cat decks mainly because they are long out of print and nearly impossible to obtain. Great examples of most of these oop cat decks can be found at


I am beginning the list with the most recent additions first because it will help to achieve an approximate sense of chronological order. Follow the bright blue links to see the deck.



The Retro Cats Tarot - Recommended


The Retro Cats Tarot by Maralee Fox-Heins is to be published later this year by her publisher.  It is not a RWS clone deck. The cards are very colorful and eyecatching, complete with authentic retro period backgrounds and decor. Even the back of the cards is retro pink leopard with gold trim! Some of the cats shown on the cards are even wearing pearls, the epitome of 1950's -1960's high fashion retro style. Even the late Jackie Kennedy wore them when she was the First Lady and her classic sense of style is still emulated 50 years later (Note First Lady Michelle Obama and many others).The Retro Cats Tarot is a deck much like Jackie Kennedy, a timeless classic, that dared to stand apart from a tired and worn out mold of expectation. This clever deck breaks the tired and worn out cat tarot mold by daring to be different and just like Jackie Kennedy, it succeeds brilliantly.



Pros - There are no scary or otherwise inappropriate images making this deck perfect for all ages. Maralee has clearly stated on several forums that she specifically designed the Retro Cats Tarot with everyone in mind, including her own children, so it is obviously a safe deck for all to use.

The cats are without clothing, just as they should be, and the artwork is beautiful.

The cats are not shown in unnatural and awkward human-like form such as with bent knee joints or always standing upright.

This deck is so outstandingly ingenious that it is unequaled.

A must-have for any cat lover or retro enthusiasist.

Each card is an adventure for the mind and eyes.

This deck truly encourages intuitive reading.

While safe for children, adults will enjoy using it too since the artwork is not too cutesy, childish, or whimsical.


Cons - The deck is not published yet.



The Tarot of Pagan Cats - Recommended


The Tarot of Pagan Cats is by Lo Scarebeo. It is available through Llewellyn and is a RWS clone deck. The artwork is well done with different kinds of cats. I love the way the back of the cards were done, the double cats and the colors are very attractive.


Pros - This deck is easy to find at Llewellyn and Amazon.

The cats are not wearing clothes.

The cats are not drawn standing up or having bent knees as if they are human, they are drawn like cats.

It's easy to use and a great deck for feline fans.

There are no scary images so even a child could use this deck.

The deck has a sense of humor.

The cards are detailed but do not suffer from image overload.


Cons - I don't like the idea of cats riding other animals in the knights. I can't picture a cat doing that, it's something a human would do. The Devil card does not work well to convey the meaning, it looks silly and more like something left over from the novelty deck the Tarot of Pagan Cats was originally supposed to be.




Cats Eye Tarot - Recommended


The Cats Eye Tarot is by Debra M Givin. The many breeds of cats are hand painted. They are also in natural settings and are not wearing clothes. Unfortunately, there is no indication that this deck was or ever will be published therefore enjoying it online is the only option.


Pros - The artwork is vey well done and absolutely charming.

The cats are not drawn as if they were human, i.e. wearing clothing. constantly standing upright, or with human-like bent knees

The cats seem to draw you in to their view of the world.


Cons - Unable to order since it wasn't published.



Cat Comfort Cards - Recommended


Cat Comfort Cards are not a tarot deck but an oracle deck of 50 cards. It is published by Hay House. The cards are very brightly colored and have cats in many different situations. There is no need for a booklet because the advice is printed on the back of each card.

Pros - This deck is easy to find at Hay House or Amazon.

The artwork is cute and is suitable for children because there are no scary images.

The deck is fun to look at and is easy to use.


Cons - It is not meant for lengthy or serious topic readings, it's best used as a draw a card for the day type of reading.



Hello Kitty Tarot - Never Recommended


The character, Hello Kitty, is owned by Sanrio but there has never been any indication that Sanrio actually authorized either the 78 card black and white version or the 78 card colored version of this deck. My understanding is that Sanrio is still asking websites to remove images of these cards.


Pros - Both are very cute and adorable decks. The creator did do a great job.


Cons - Some images might be too scary for children like the 10 of Swords. The main problem remains that Sanrio did not authorize the license to sell either version which is why I can't recommend this deck to anyone.



Chat du Marseille - Neutral Recommendation


Chat du Marseille is a self-published deck by Elaine Moertl. It is a majors only deck of 22 cards. It is a Marseille style black and white deck with linear drawn cats wearing clothes.


Pros - Still in print, you can find it at tarotgarden.


Cons - It is a majors only so if you want to want to work with a full deck, this is not it.


The drawings are poorly executed and the cats are wearing clothes which makes it even more boring. Adding some color would be a definite improvement.



Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot - Never Recommended


This is a self-published deck by Karen Mahoney and Alex Ukolov. To make a long story short, it is a RWS clone deck that is overkilled with too much junk while severely downplaying any important RWS symbology. The moon, star, sun, world, etc. are so tiny, they easily get lost in the distractingly hideous clutterfest. If you're going to make a RWS clone deck, then you need to make sure the symbology does not get lost in the design. The cats are also wearing clothes which shows a lack of imagination or creativity.


Pros - Even though it's long been out of print, this deck is not hard to find in secondhand shops.


Cons - The cardstock feels flimsy which means its cheap and won't wear well with regular usage.

The images on the cards consist of an ugly, overloaded, and jumbled up mess that's too distracting for doing readings.

This has to be the absolute worst cat deck ever, its impossible to take this monstrousity seriously.

The cats were tritely and awkwardly collaged to be too humanlike. They are also very stiff and unnatural looking as if they are dead.

Definitely not for children. The book meanings are flippant, carelessly written, and irresponsibly appear to condone unlawful behavior in the 5 of Swords and the 7 of Swords and that is inexcusable. There are others which reek of justifying or glorifying inappropriate conduct i.e. because it feels so good, therefore, anyone who has even a modicum of morality should avoid this shady deck.



Tarot of the White Cats - Neutral Recommendation


Tarot of the White Cats is by Lo Scarebeo. It is available through Llewellyn and is a RWS clone deck. It is mostly "lighthearted" and quite colorful. The cats are wearing clothes in most cards and the Fool is a white dog in clothing.


Pros - A nice cat art deck for feline fanciers.

It's easy to find at Llewellyn and Amazon.

This seems to be the best of the cats wearing clothes theme decks artworkwise. It's just the right amount of detail, not too much and not too little.



Cons - Most of the felines have too human looking bodies as if human forms were drawn first and then fur and cat heads added.

Cats wearing clothes is a very worn out and silly theme that's hard to take seriously for readings.

I can't recommend this for children because of some scary images like the Devil and Death.

The meanings are too brief and flippant in the LWB so a good tarot book would also need to be purchased for beginning students.



Medieval Cats Tarot - Neutral Recommendation


The Medieval Cats Tarot is by U. S. Games. The cats are wearing fancy clothes and like in the Tarot of the White Cats, are drawn more like people than cats. Cats wearing clothes decks might have been cute the first time it was done decades ago (Note Evelyne Nicod tarot) but now it's too cliche and downright unimaginative. People who put cats wearing clothes in a tarot deck don't understand the feline personality because cats abhor being dressed like humans. It is a RWS clone deck.


Pros - Easy to find at U. S. Games or Amazon.


Cons -The artwork is ok but rather dull in color. There is way too much use of brown and muted gold and these overpower everything else.

The clothes wearing felines are too ridiculously dressed to be considered a serious deck.

The minors are very boring to look at. Obviously much more concentration and effort was dedicated to the majors.



Tarot for Cats - Recommended


The Tarot for Cats is a 22 card major arcana deck that was published by Macmillan. This deck is unique by giving card definitions from a cat's world, in otherwords, from the cat's point of view. It is a very colorful deck that is well drawn. The package contains the deck and a small hardcver book. There are a few similarities but it is not a RWS clone.


Pros - This deck is so cute! The cats are not wearing clothing and they are shown in many different situations.

The cats are not drawn as if they were humans.

The cards are large and detailed but not overdone.

The cats are drawn in a way that shows them so wrapped up with whatever they are doing so they don't mind us watching their world from the sidelines.


Cons - It is a majors only deck so if you want a full tarot, this deck won't work.

Unfortunately, this deck is oop but can sometimes be found on ebay.



Tarot of the Cat People - Recommended


The Tarot of the Cat People is published by U.S. Games. It is a very stylish and colorful sci-fi fantasy type of tarot with people dressed in detailed types of clothing, The jewelry and settings are quite elaborate but never overkilled. Each human figure is accompanied by at least one cat and in some cards, the cat is the central figure. The people on each suit represent 5 different kingdoms from The Outer Regions and are dressed in such a way that easily separates one region from another. These regions are the Diamond Kingdom, the Sapphire Kingdom, the Topaz Kingdom, the Emerald Kingdom, and the Ruby Kingdom.


Pros - Beautifully done deck, the creator did a fantastic job. These cards have a way of drawing you in to the different regions for deeper exploration.

The cats are not wearing clothes plus there are lots of lovely cats in this deck.

It is still in print and easy to find at U.S. Games and Amazon.

The deck is very detailed but not in a way that's image overkill where significant details are either obscurred or lost altogether.

It is deck for the art enthusiast or the dedicated reader.


Cons - This deck might be difficult for a beginning reader to master since it is rather complex.

Some images might be too intense for children.